Frequently Asked Questions

When is Global Social Awards taking place?

This year's event will take place online

What is the theme of this year's Global Social Awards?

Wilderness, #biodiversity and #consciousness about the future of our #planet are all the topics we would like to raise the awareness about.

How do you get listed on Global Social Awards 12 Inspiring?

Annually Global Social Awards are waiting for 12 personalities who are creating, having ideas, changing the course and face of social media and society. It is not only the number of followers that can serve as a criteria, but the influence of your story, creativity and content you are making which can inspire the others. 12 social media personalities will receive this year's Global Social Awards. The first six names will be chosen by fan nominations and the final twelve list will be finalized by this year's Global Social Awards Essentials:

Ross Smith an American influencer with her 94-year-old grandmother showing that life can be fun at any age, were awarded in Prague in 2019.
Delogu, an Italian journalist and rocker.
Johan Ernst Nilson, a Swedish traveller and global climate activist.
Stella Lee, an Indonesian influencer and cultures connection mediator.
Vivien Alexy, a Hungarian blogger, and the winner in the extraordinary Cosmopolitan Rising Star category.

Among the 12 inspiring ones the Czech Republic - the homeland of the Global Social Awards - will also have its own representative - Jitka Nováčková, a model and influencer, who won the Go Global card in the national round of the Social Awards. While the eleven winners are creating their content exclusively in English, Jitka Nováčková has been bringing global topics in Czech to the local audience.